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Photographer- Glen La Ferman.

Whole Lotta Rosie’sHollywood’s premiere Live Performance AC/DC Tribute band leads the way in Rock n’ Roll entertainment with a balls to the wall, high • voltage live production each and every time they set foot on stage!

Founded in 2000, Whole Lotta Rosie’s was the first All -female tribute band ANYWHERE, paving the way for countless other female musicians who also formed tribute bands to their favorite male rock legends, and essentially changed the landscape of the Los Angeles music scene. 

WLR covers all the hits that span 5 decades, to date, of the most legendary band, arguably anywhere.  

WLR performs to sold out venue’s all across the country and all over the world, including:  
Daytona Bike Week (Daytona Beach, FL), Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally (Ruidoso, New Mexico), Portland Bike Fest (Portland, Oregon), The Lobster Festival (Long Beach, CA), LA Bike & Calendar Show (Long Beach, CA), The Whole Enchilada Festival (El Paso, TX), Rockin’ The Rivers (Three Forks, Montana) and private/corporate events such as The Maximum party (Las Vegas, NV), Yellow Tail Champagne (Seattle, WA), and have performed numerous tours overseas for our US Troops in Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Sarajevo, Kosovo and South Korea, Norway, and Sweden.

The level of talent and high energy performance has made National acts and their managers take notice, inviting the award-winning band to open for the likes of the
Foo Fighters, Alice Cooper, Starship, and MSG.

Whole Lotta Rosie’s will take you down to ‘Sin City’, and shake you ‘All Night Long! •

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Trudi Keck - Founder & Rhythm Guitarist 
Stacy Lip - Lead Vocalist

Nancy Luca - Lead Guitar

Melanie Sisneros - Bass Guitar- Formerly/Co-founder of "The Iron Maidens"

Sheri Weinstein - Drums- Formerly of "The Pandoras"

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