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Born in the fire of the New Bedford, MA metal scene Verscythë was spawned from another local band named Kreagen.


In 2009 Kreagen disbanded and took a hiatus, but in 2011 Vocalist Justin St.Pierre, Guitarist Chris Reed, Bassist Jack St.Pierre and Drummer Kevin Camille started playing again.


Chris brought in his friend and fellow guitarist Jeff Rull into the fold. It didn’t take long for this quintet to bond and realize they had something special.


Now they needed a name. Jeff being into numerology was able to take the birthdays of each band member and work the numbers. Through his work Jeff came up with two words that the numbers were associated with. Verse and Sickle. So they changed the word sickle to Sythe and merged the two words together to form Verscythë.


In 2013 they released their debut album “A Time Will Come” to a great response heard all over the word. Especially Greece and Germany.


Over the next few years Verscythë played all over New England supporting the album while starting to write new material for their next album. Unfortunately some tragedies and hurdles delayed them from recording.


In 2019 original members Kevin Camille and Jack St.Pierre left the band leaving a big void to fill. A new chapter began in Verscythë with the addition of Drummer Myles Lucier who had previously played with Chris in “Reflections of Mortality “ and “Acala” and new bassist Mike Moreira who previously played in a Stone Temple Pilots tribute band and with Justin in a Iron Maiden tribute band “Absolute Eddie”.


With these new additions and also Chris building a recording studio in his home Verscythë have been able to move forward with a vengeance. Verscythë has played with so many talented local bands throughout the years such as Forevers Fallen Grace as well as acts Mike Kerr (Gibson Endorsed artist) Ravage (Metal Blade) Marc Rizzo of Soulfly, Ross, The Boss of Manowar and The Iron Maiden’s.


Verscythë have gotten local radio play in New England along with internet radio play that’s heard all over the world.


Verscythë have been featured on Warriors of Metal compilation disc along with other compilations. They’ve also had write ups on sites like Dead Rhetoric & Greece’s Forgotten Scrolls.


Just recently Verscythë has been battling in the Metal Devastation battle of the bands where they won for the first week of April.


Verscythë is excited to start this new journey with Phil Taylor and Rock Solid Talent Entertainment!!!

Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment

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